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LYRICS SHADOW is visited by over thousands visitors each month. That makes LYRICS SHADOW one of the most visited lyrics sites on the internet. But we are also proud to set us apart from the pack:

1.Our content is focused on the latest music releases in all major music genres.
2.We put much effort into making sure our lyrics contain no errors.
3.Our music blog continuously updates music fans with the latest music news.
4.No ringtones pop-ups, overlays or other intrusive low quality advertising.

LYRICS SHADOW is created by a pair of Ahmed Muhammad,Saad Muhammad,Saood Muhammad,Raza Muhammad, who has become an experienced online entrepreneur and developer in one. And of course LYRICS SHADOW gets much help from the fans who edit erroneous lyrics to improve them for everybody to enjoy.

Next to our lyrics offering, LYRICS SHADOW is also a news publisher created by a small team with a strong focus on the latest pop and urban music. Our content consists of new music video releases, reviews of new music, and features of music artists in general. Our posts have a blog writing style and show a strong user engagement and loyal following.

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